About me

I think my love of photography came about because of my love for the countryside where I was born. The wonderful landscapes; whether it is the amazing Jurassic coast, the flat Blackmore Vale, the chalk downlands or the heathlands in this diverse county of Dorset where I live. I wanted to capture the moment to enjoy later.

I have been interested in photography for a number of years, I dabbled a little in processing my own B&W images and slides, I was lucky to work with a teacher who showed me how to develop my own images when I was working as a Science Technician at a local school in the 70’s. I tried it at home but was stuck for space and turning the kitchen into a temporary Dark room became more difficult and also work and life took over. 

I took it up again with the advent of digital cameras, I bought my first PC as a package which included a 1.5 megapixel Agfa camera and once I plucked up the courage to switch on the computer I didn’t look back. I was so excited that I could take a picture put it onto the computer and email it to my sister in Canada in moments. 

I had a number of cameras since then as they improved. I had Canon cameras for many years and as I’ve got older and got interested in wildlife photography I found the zoom lenses on the Canon were getting heavier! I did some research and now use Olympus cameras and lenses which are so much lighter and easier to carry round on my walks. I do have an old Canon 50D which I had converted to take infra red images and a selection of kit. I enjoy getting out and about as much as I can. I joined the Blandford Forum Camera Club a few years ago and enjoy the talks, workshops and competitions and the company of like-minded people, this challenges me to try harder.

I have learned so much and still have plenty more to learn which is part of the fun! I try to vary my photography by learning new techniques and using my camera to it’s full potential. 

In March 2014 I gained my Licenciateship with the Royal Photographic Society of which I am very proud. 

Marilyn Peddle LRPS