Infrared Gallery

These are some examples of infrared photography. Taking infrared images means that the image sensor used in the camera is sensitive to infrared light giving a different view to what we normally see.

I had my old Canon 50D digital camera converted to be able to take these images. The conversion was done by Protech Photgraphic

Great Dorset Steam fair British white cow River Stour near Hammoon Looking towards Hammoon BRIDGE River Stour below Blandford weir Blandford bridge2 2 Bryanston School gates Clouds Field maple Sturminster mill Birch trees Melways lane Scots pine
Sheep near Shillingstone Lime avenue to Hambledon Hill Fiddleford mill Corfe Castle Corfe Castle
Corfe Castle
Stourhead  summer
Stourhead summer Stourhead summer View to Corfe castle from Arne Great Dorset Steam Fair
Great Dorset Steam Fair Great Dorset Steam Fair Birch trees Blandford river path
Scots pine Mortain bridge Blandford Village path Willow Herb Trees Cutt Mill
Great Dorset Steam fair Trees
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